I would be happy to go on a date like this.  Its simple and unfussy.

Who knew that all those triangles could be so much fun? Here are a few ways to incorporate geometry into your life sans any baffling equations.   People will be asking for folding directions in this stunning dress from Sandra Backlund.  

If I had $13.5M for a house on the beach, would I spend it on a boxy retreat in Montauk or a 1980s showpiece in Manhattan Beach?

My current apartment doesn't allow dogs, so in truth I've got no business trolling pet stores. But what can I say? I've been bit by the dog bug (not fleas, I promise) and am seriously pining for one of my own.

This past weekend I headed down to L.A. to see my unbelievably adorable two-year-old goddaughter, Sofia, and one of my very best friends, Barbara, who also happens to be Sofia’s seven-months-pregnant mama.

Sharing a meal al fresco is one of the best parts of summer. The smell of the grill, a light warm breeze, the sound of crickets happily chirping in the distance; it's all the quintessential aspects of the season rolled into one. But that "at one with nature" feeling is immediately spoiled when you get up to dump everyone's used paper plates and napkins into the trash. Hear those crickets? They've switched to a mournful dirge.  Instead, elevate your outdoor dining experience with reusable–and really pretty–tableware. Below, a few personal faves:

Beach blankets hardly need be a luxury.

Our weekly round up of what our design friends on the web are reporting on.

What events not to miss this weekend, from sales to exhibitions to open houses.

Their is sooooo much tile in the world, and I guess that makes sense considering


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