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The Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum is the design and architecture branch of the Smithsonian. So, that alone makes them something of a big friggin’ deal.

There's still time to join in the Cesar Chavez Day celebration. Here are some last minute arts and design-minded suggestions as well as things you can do through April to honor the civil rights leader.

The new structure was built on a narrow infill site in downtown Santa Monica.

The activity centers feature playful details such as trees that seem to sprout from the tables.

The colorful new building features a bold facade with graphic full-height windows and a center core of glass.

Sophie Azouaou, the Founder and President of SophiSticate Interiors , has been an interior designer for 16 years and has earned a list of credentials including a law degree with a minor in art.

The Enterprise Rose Fellowship teams emerging architects with community-based organizations in order create spaces—from homes to businesses to parks—that benefit the neighborhoods they are built in and the lives of people that use them.

Can architecture help solve some of San Francisco’s most chronic problems? City officials and some local organizations think it can.

Claudia Juestel is the principal of Adeeni Design Group in san Francisco. She has worked to combine her love of art and design with her passion for community involvement. From mentoring high school students to creating whimsical tablescapes in the name of AIDS research, Juestel is committed to making a difference through design.

On February first, 18 families will be making a big move. They will go from nights spent in their cars, on relative’s couches, split up in shelters or on the streets to a room of their very own. And thanks to Vanessa De Vargas and her team of fellow big-hearted designers, they will be opening the door to more than just a place to escape the elements, but a place to embrace the idea of home.