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“Rooftop gardens and rooftop terraces let you reach for the stars and the only limit on what you can design in your exclusive oasis is your imagination.” Ashley Penn, an English Landscape designer and architect, began his exploration of gardens at the ripe age of 16.

1. Who is your biggest role model?SQ: By nature I’m inclined to operate in a bubble but I have always admired people who excel in multiple disciplines. Sir Joseph Paxton who was an architect, a landscape designer, plant propagator, inventor, manufacturing innovator and more is way up on my list.

California, especially Southern California, is all about the weather. About how we can literally open our front doors or—in the case of artist Lynn Hanson—open her studio doors, to the outdoors. As the days grow cooler, it's important to remember how lucky we have in the grand scheme of climates. 

As spring comes to life outside, it’s extra frustrating for me to be trapped indoors.

Classic garden style gets a modern update by Andrea Cochran.