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Seldom have the art and science of light been so elegantly brought together as in Anna Yudina's new book "LUMITECTURE: Illuminating Interiors for Designers & Architects" published by Thames & Hudson.

Drinking a bottle of wine can inspire any manner of creative projects—many of them ill-advised by the time the bottle is at its end. But designer Kevin Kolanowski, founder of fuse lighting, is no rookie.

More than one reader wanted to know more about this stunner that we teased in the table of contents from our Fall issue, so we're bringing you the inside story of the Luum pendant by designer Sander Bakker of Splinterseed.

It’s nearing Halloween, which means that skeletons and spooky design are on the brain—which might explain why I’m loving the vertebral appeal of the Chamont Chandelier by Jonathan Browning right now.

How do you know when a light fixture is just right for a room? When it matches precisely with what you’ll be doing in it. Pouring yourself a glass of your favorite wine country libation? Savor the moment with designer Manuel Vivan’s “Spillray” stemware-inspired hanging lights created for Axo Light. Or maybe you’re in the reading mood? The Venice-based designer took a novel approach and created “Polia” - sconces that literally look like pages in a book. Bright Idea? Check. Insanely lust-worthy? Double check.

Braving the post-holiday shopping bonanza holds no appeal to me. That's not to say I don't love a good deal, just that I prefer to do my sale hunting from the comfort of the couch, wearing elastic-waisted pants without shame.

Jen Pearson, the woman behind the Reclaimed Apothecary Matchstick Bottles, is an industrial designer whose focus is human-centered design. She looks at how people can, want, or need to work with a product rather than their adapting their behavior to a product. The result? Her Lamp Kit001, which was actually part of her thesis. Pearson's lamp requires assembly, a process she feels "adds an emotional connection between the maker and the object by the simple act of doing."

Simone Rubi is a Renaissance woman. It wasn't enough to start a band, work in graphic design, and do handmade graphics for a film. Nope, she had to branch out into product design. Her first project? A light with an Edison bulb that received so much attention at a recent pop-up shop in Santa Barbara that she's now designing lamps for a new Danish Modern motel in Solvang.

Capiz has been popular for a few years, particularly in pendant lighting, but it's not often you see it in a rectangular shape, or in gray. West Elm's Large Rectangle Hanging Capiz Pendant seems a bit more formal, dressed up, in the darker shade, and the unusual shape.

Industrial-inspired design has been chic for a few years now, and with good reason. Well-made products with classic lines should always be in style. Inspired by classic laboratory beakers, Plantation's hand-blown Laboratory Glass Pendants are old school, down to the Edison bulbs, but with a modern twist—color.