Destructive beauty is at the heart of Blast—a series of new stools created through exlposions by Israeli designer Guy Mishlay. Each stool begins as a geometric cube of steel that is interwoven with explosives. No material is lost during the explosion, but each stool comes out different, sporting its own unique crumples and dings.

Scrabble enthusiasts and Typologists alike should enjoy the following alphabet-adoring items. From pillows to bookshelves, sometimes you just feel the need to spell things out.

Whether for indoor or outdoor use, terrariums are a great way to create your own little biosphere. Even if you were not born with a green thumb, terrariums provide an excellent environment for plants to thrive. So if you want to create your own floral diorama check out these beautiful hand-blown terrariums now available at the Heath Ceramics showroom in Sausalito.

It's not unusual for a young starlet to "extend his or her brand" with a line of perfume, or shoes, or jewelry. It seems these days fame is just a stepping stone into the design game. But it's a little more unusual when an Actress with a Capital A, who has an Academy Award, decides at the age of 65 she, too, wants to be a designer. Yet that is exactly what Diane Keaton has done.

Wine barrels may have been invented to age wine to perfection, but creative designers have been finding inspiring new ways to repurpose the rustic wood containers beyond their grapely duties. One such designer is Sonoma-based wine industry veteran and woodworker George Sachs who has taken his love for the libation and transformed it into uniquely hand-crafted candle holders made from recycled oak wine barrels.

It’s either too big or too small, but never the right size–the flower vase, that is. Hence, the need to fill our already too-small kitchens with everything from bud-size vessels to mason jars to large bouquet vases, just to ensure we’re fully armed to tackle any sweet-smelling surprise. But Japanese-based product designer Tatsuo Kuroda has created an object that solves this domestic design challenge: A vase that actually holds flowers in place. 

San Francisco-based woodworker Jeremiah Nielson has been customizing wood furniture for over 18 years and is now releasing his own line of Mid-Century furniture called the Jeremiah Collection. All the furniture is handmade from solid walnut, white oak or reclaimed wood. Each piece is one of kind and doesn't hide from slight imperfections by trying to fill them in or cut around them, resulting in a beautiful balance between of modernity and nature.

I can imagine these fantastic rope lights in almost any style and room of a house. Picture two or three of them over a large dining table–stunning! The Manila Rope Light from Toronto-based Atelier 688 comes in a standard 2 foot length, but can be custom ordered in any size.

I am really into industrial design right now, especially vintage pieces. The problem is that the old stuff often comes with a hefty price tag—and it's hard to find the right size and number of items (it seems like there are always five perfect chairs when I need eight, for example). But I've found a source for industrial design that could help me fill in the blanks.

This summer, high style on the patio, deck or terrace is guaranteed with the newest in outdoor furnishings. Earthy agate overtakes the seashell as this season's must-have accessory. And Californians reach across the ocean to help victims of Japan's earthquake and tsunami. 1.