Los Angeles native Elana Joelle Hendler has taken her schoolgirl hobby—doodling with a black Uni-ball pen—and turned it into an entire line of graphic, eco-friendly home accessories. “When you’re in class, what do you have to write with?” Hendler asks.

In crafting the new look of California Home+Design's print magazine, we started a column, called State of The Art, that lets us work closely with California's best creative talents.

Coachella is barely two weeks away, and to kick off your desert-drifting dreams, I'm bringing you the gorgeous outdoor textiles from Santa Monica-based designer Chris Barrett.

The best part of my job is running across a beautiful design, and then discovering that it's made by a talented group on our home team—Californians, that is.

Textile designer Phillip Stearns was on track for a career in engineering when he veered into the uncharted waters of electronics, sound imaging and design.

Stickers and scratches and neon, oh my. The new skateboard-inspired wall tiles from Imagine Tile and San Clemente company Art of Board pay homage to the creative art of skateboard decks.

Ever wonder what happens to broken, greasy bike chains and discarded rims? Some of them re-emerge as stunning lighting designs from Los Angeles artist Carolina Fontoura Alzaga of Facaro.

Pinpoint precision and perfect balance, whether placed facing up or facing down—"A Lotus Leaf" by Chinese architect Chang Yung Ho demonstrates how good design creates a form that is both beautiful and versatile. Inverted, new facets reveal themselves for service in the perfectly-balanced A Lotus Lea

Innovative San Francisco design firm Coalesse creates furniture that lives along the ever-blurring line between work and life, making it the go-to brand for crossover corporate cultures.

If you've never heard of passementerie, you're not alone. It's a French word that refers to elaborate handmade fabric trimmings—think braided silver or silk for tassles, fringes and pompoms—and the items aren't anything you'll find in your local design store.