Whichever way you slice it, the modern-meets-rustic design of Mill Valley’s new Tamalpie Pizzeria hits the spot.

Mid-Market, SF An old warehouse in SF’s Mid-Market neighborhood is blooming. AQ is a new dining destination focused on the seasonable and sustainable. In addition to a refreshed menu every few months from chef Mark Liberman, the art, table settings and logo will also change with the seasons.

A bona fide surfer's paradise, Hermosa Beach Pier just got hit with a wave of style and spiced-up bites.

This past weekend my mother was in town, so I've been doing more shopping, cooking and cleaning than usual. The dinner parties were a blast, but it's no wonder I could barely get up for work once Monday morning rolled around. I was beat. So it seemed the patron saint of entertaining stepped in when I was invited to a dinner hosted by KitchIt on Monday evening.

There are two things I've recently promised myself I would do more of: read things that inspire me and aren't the newspaper and go to Oakland.

Now open for just about three weeks, Maximiliano in Highland Park brings old school Italian and new school design to the slowly gentrifying nabe.

Food is rarely just food these days. Whether it's about where the ingredients come from, how long it takes to prepare or how much of it ends up in the trash after dinner service, dining out in San Francisco often involves a choice bigger than simply Thai or Italian (or Eritrean, Japanese, Turkish, Venezuelen...).

Here it is at last, Top Chef winner Michael Voltaggio's long awaited ink., set to open tomorrow night in Los Angeles. While Angelenos have been enjoying Voltaggio's sandwiches next door at the more casual ink.sack for the last couple of months, this is his more upscale venture in fine dining (he previously helmed the stoves at The Bazaar and The Dining Room in The Langham in Pasadena.

On a somewhat depressing strip of Pico Blvd near Mid-City comes this bright and eco-friendly coffee joint. Paper or Plastik opened in December but has been a work in progress ever since, with an outdoor garden and work space to be completed in another month or so.

L.A.-based design firm Spacecraft has ruled the Hollywood club scene for the last half decade. If you've drank somewhere in Hollywood in the last few years, chances are you were drinking in a space designed by Kris Keith and his cohorts, from their updated take on a 50s diner at Kitchen 24 to the art dec- inspired delux to the low-key subway tile-inflected Bowery bar.