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Specs for Online Ad Units

Ad sizes currently on our site:

  • 300x250 (top and bottom of site)
  • 300x600
  • 728x90 

Types of creatives we can take:

  • Images
    • .jpg
    • .png
    • .gif
  • Animated Gifs
    • .gif
  • Flash (see details below)
    • .swf
    • If client can send .fla file, that is helpful
  • Third-party JavaScript or Iframe tags
    • Client can send this in whatever format they want, usually in .xls document
      • These ads include Rich Media and Expandable Ad Units (for details on what we can accomodate, see below)


Specs for newsletter ad units


Creative types

  • .jpg, .gif
  • animated .gif


FLASH files

  • When a client submits a flash creative, they need to insert what is called a ClickTag in order for it to track and click properly in DoubleClick
  • Here is a link to directions on how the client can integrate the ClickTag
  • IF the client is having issues, here is a site where they can upload their file and a ClickTag will be inserted for them.
  • Once they are finished, they can validate the file by going here. This will tell them if they implemented it correctly or not
  • Max file size: 200K


Rich Media Ad Specs

  • Here is the DoubleClick page with all of the specs, if clients need more details, that can be referenced
  • Sizes we accept
    • 728x90
    • 300x250
    • 300x600
  • Max file size
    • 50kb
  • Max Animation
    • Unlimited loops must be less than 30 seconds.
    • Additional 30 seconds on user interaction
    • An additional 4 minutes with click for video
  • Audio
    • Must be user-initiated with a click
  • Frames per second (fps)
    • 24
  • Flash versions accepted
    • flash v. 4-10


Rich Media Video that is in Unit Specs

  • Video upon host initiation?
    • This is how long the video can be when it is first loaded, without the user pressing play or initiating anything
    • 30 seconds is the max amount of time it can run before a user needs to initiate anything
  • Max file size
    • 50K on initial load and then 2.2MB polite
  • Audio
    • User initiated Only
  • Do we have progressive or streaming or both?
    • Both
  • Other required buttons
    • Mute
    • Play/Stop


Expandable Ad Specs

  • Here is the DoubleClick page with details on expandable ads
  • Ad units on our site that can expand and how big they can expand to
    • 728x90 -> 728x180
    • 160x600 -> 320x600
    • 300x250 -> 600x260
    • 468x60 -> 468x120
  • Ad units must expand and close on-click
  • Maximum initial load size
    • 50K
  • Maximum size per panel
    • 200K
  • Required controls
    • Panels must include a prominent Close X in 16pt font or larger on the corner of the unit
  • Animation Restriction
    • User-initiated action must be 30 seconds or less (2 mins if video)
  • Approved expandable
    •  DoubleClick Rich Media
    • EyeBlaster Rich Media
    • EyeWonder Rich Media
    • Pointroll Rich Media