Design Daily: Sexy Tech Storage from Bushakan

We loved the clean look of these sleek stands, but fell even more in love with the deliberate design—meandering cord channels and hidden charging ports—of the handmade items. We had to know more, so we recently caught up with the Bushakan founders, Tobi Adamolekun, an architect and teacher, and Lauren Van Horn, a former lawyer. Check out our quick Q&A with the founders, below, to hear the story behind their sexy tech storage. 

What inspired you to launch a line of tech and glasses accessories?

I made an eyewear stand for Lauren—she wanted to give her husband a stand for his glasses, and she couldn't find anything sophisticated, so she asked me to design and make something. We got a big response we got from that first stand (including great feedback from Lauren’s husband, family and friends), followed by suggestions to bring the product to market. We launched Bushakan with our first stand of 5 pockets, but then decided to offer a variety of stands. Now we make a line of stands for digital devices as well.

You practically have to, since everyone has at least three. 

We're interested in helping people take care of the things they care about. As an extension to the eyewear stands, it was a natural next step to think about digital devices. We're based in San Francisco, so we're exposed to the fanfare surrounding phones and tablets. Our stand serves as a counterbalance to the sterile devices made from metal and plastic. 

Is that why you chose to work with sustainably managed wood? 

Wood is a naturally replenishing resource, but it has to be managed properly. It's part of our commitment to the environment—one of our guiding principles is "Buy less, buy better, keep forever." So we stand by that and offer a lifetime guarantee on our eyewear stands. You can say its our response to the cultural increase in disposable consumption. 

Currently, all the pieces are made from hardwood maple or walnut, so our clients can choose a light or dark wood, but we'll be releasing some new wood types in the near future. The stands are finished with a zero-VOC finish that maintains the woods' beauty while protecting and enhancing it's beauty.

I bet your studio is perfectly organized!

Our studio is at the border of Potrero Hill and the Dogpatch, and we have a relatively small space, so it's extremely important that we stay organized. It's what we do—make products to help people stay organized. We live what we encourage.

Find the fabulous solid-wood stands on the Bushakan website, and many thanks to the founders for speaking with California Home+Design!