Design DIY: Concrete Letter Lamp

Although the thought of pouring concrete can make even the most seasoned DIY-er uneasy, don't fear. It's way easier than it sounds and once you've gotten the hang of it the possibilities are really unending. Big thanks to Funkytime for letting us share her project! 


Neon yarn

Paper mache letter

Lamp fitting

Light bulb

Ready mixed concrete



Heavy books

Plastic wrap

Step One

Cut the back off your paper mache letter (making it into a mold), cut a hole in the side of the letter (near the bottom) where you'd like your wire to go, and cut a hole for the lamp fitting at the top.

Step Two

Mix the concrete (using slightly less water than the package directions) and fill one third of your letter with the concrete

Step Three

Cover your lamp fitting with a thin layer of plastic wrap (to protect it from the concrete) and place your lamp fitting inside the letter. Run the wire through the hole at the bottom and fill the rest of the letter with concrete.

Step Four

Use some heavy books to support the letter's sides (the cardboard will get soft) and let dry overnight.

Step Five

After at least 12 hours, carefully remove the cardboard. Screw in the light bulb bulb and wrap the wire with neon yarn to give it some punch!

Check out the original post on Funkytime for more info!