Design DIY: Neon Classic Pottery

Whether you are serving up ice-cold strawberry lemonade or brewing the perfect pot of iced tea for a garden party, be sure to serve your delish drinks in equally delectable style. Big thanks to Jeanne Chan from Shop Sweet Things for sharing this sweet, chic, and affordable tutorial.


Florescent spray paint

White ceramic pottery pieces


1. Before you begin, be sure to wear protective latex gloves. Cover anything you don’t want to get debris on, and wear an old set of clothing, just in case you spray yourself by mistake - it happens!

2. Carefully cover and duct tape the part of the pieces you don’t want to spray paint. Tip: Use a garbage bag for the water pitcher and a Ziplock bag for the cream and sugar set.

3. Spray 5 – 6 inches from the object to get an even application. Let dry.

4. Host a grown-up tea party and serve bite-sized sandwiches and mini cupcakes alongside chilled strawberry lemonade in your pretty new pitcher!

Jeanne’s note: I would suggest to pick a ceramic with a more traditional style so that you can play off that modern classic look with the neon. I got the water pitcher from Ross for $6.99 and the sugar and cream set was from Pottery Barn.

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