Design DIY: Polaroid Coasters

Special thanks to Darkroom and Dearly for letting us share their project!


4x4 white ceramic tiles

3.5x5 print photos

Mod Podge

Clear acrylic spray

Small felt circles 


Sponge Brush

Paper cutter

Step 1

Pick out a variety of photos to print for the coasters. To make them more "Polaroid-ish" try applying filters and vignettes in Photoshop or another editing program to give the pics a vintagey feel.

Step 2

Use the papercutter to trim photos to 3.25 x 3.75".

Step 3

Clean your ceramic tile and then use the sponge brush to lightly apply Mod Podge to the back of your photo. Make sure to leave a 1" border on the bottom and 1/4" on the sides of the photo.

Step 4

Press the photo down with a flat edge and then apply Mod Podge over the whole tile.

Step 5

Let dry for a few hours and then lightly spray the acrilyic spray to give the tiles a smooth finish.

Step 6

Apply the felt pads to the bottom of the tile and patiently wait 48-72 hours before impressing fellow imbibers with your photography skills!