Designer Crush: Chloe Redmond Warner

1. Who is your biggest role model?

Daniel Romualdez, Jeffrey Bilhuber, Mary McDonald.

2. Which movie or play do you wish you could have designed the set for?  

Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest. Everything about that movie is so tight - the Chicago hotel room is one of my all time favorite rooms - feminine, spare and traditional.  And then there is the Mount Rushmore modern house, which still feels modern 50 years later, then there is Roger O. Thornhill’s matchbook with the ROT monogram that becomes the epic clue and makes me wish smoking were ok - I swear that entire movie is my perfect aesthetic.

3. What is the best way to gauge a client’s personality before starting a project?  

I got wonderful advice from my graphic design firm when I first started, which was to “give people a heart attack early”.  When people call the office I try to scare the bejesus out of them, and if they still want to work together it usually goes well.

4. What new design trends are you excited to integrate into your work?

Trends are a turn-off for me. 

5. How do you completely unwind?  

I wish I were able to completely unwind. I am capable of unwinding 80 percent at Indian Springs in Calistoga. Padding around their beautiful grounds getting massages and soaking in that 98.6 degree pool is incredibly and profoundly relaxing.     

6. If you hadn't become a designer, which career would you have pursued?  

My fantasy is to be a old fashioned portraitist, like John Singer Sargent. I would love for people to sit for me.

7. What’s the worst pre-designer job you’ve ever had and why?  

My first job out of college was as a merchandise coordinator, which is a glorified box cutter, and I hated it. I declared I hated business, needed a trade, and within a year was in Architecture School.

8. What’s your favorite recipe?  

Today it is a fancy grilled cheese from I Am Almost Always Hungry by Lora Zarubin:


  • Fresh Mozzarella
  • Basil
  • Tomato confit
  • Mayonnaise
  • Butter
  • Acme sweet batard


  • Buy a pint of cherry tomatoes and slow roast them with olive oil and salt and pepper at 300 degrees for two hours, until they are blistered and saggy. Then cool.
  • Apply mayonnaise to both sides of 3/4” slices of bread.
  • Put one layer of fresh mozzarella slices, salt and pepper, a few little tomatoes, basil leaves, more mozzarella, and top with the other piece of bread.  
  • Butter both outside pieces of bread and cut the crusts off.
  • Grill until melted and golden brown.    

9. Create your perfect playlist for us

Lightning round!

10. Would you rather shop new or vintage?


11. First celebrity crush?

Michael J. Fox in Family Ties.

12. What’s your hidden talent?

I’m great at pouring liquid without spilling.

13. Best restaurant in your area?  

Camino in Oakland is just amazing.  

14. SF or LA?