Designer Crush: Erin Martin

1. Who is your biggest role model?
My mother.

 2. Which movie or play do you wish you could have designed the set for?
3. What is the best way to gauge a client’s personality before starting a project?
Their clothes and whether they scream. I don’t do screamers.
4. What new design trends are you excited to integrate into your work?
More cowbell.
5. How do you completely unwind?
6. If you hadn't become a designer, which career would you have pursued?
A pimped-out convalescent home with Thomas Keller blending fois gras and a live DJ nightly.
7. What’s the worst pre-designer job you’ve ever had and why?
Worked at the Olive Garden for two days. Yuck.
8. What’s your favorite cocktail recipe?
9. Create your perfect playlist for us.

Lightning round!

10. Would you rather shop new or vintage?
11. First celebrity crush?
Elizabeth Taylor/ Michael Jackson.
12. What’s your hidden talent?
I can tie cherry stems with my tongue.
13. Best restaurant in your area?
Redd and Reddwood in Yountville, CA.
14. SF or LA?