Heath Ceramics Brings Timeless Design to Wall Clocks Exhibit

Design in Time marks Catherine Bailey and Robin Petravic’s 10th anniversary as co-owners of Heath Ceramics and takes place simultaneously in both the San Francisco and Los Angeles showrooms. In total, the exhibition features 67 clocks by eight artists and designers, including Commune, Roger Herman, Geoff McFetridge, and Jeff Canham.

You won’t see cuckoo or grandfather clocks here. Heath brings in its own modern, yet timeless, design to this exhibition by collaborating with a handful of its favorite artists and partners. The result: an array of sleek, unique, and one-of-a-kind ceramic wall clocks. Some of the clocks incorporate fine-tuned etching, while others have bright, bold splashes of color; others are covered in stunning blue-and-white crackled glazes.

We caught up with Bailey, who is also Heath’s creative director, to talk about Design in Time.

1. Why have a show about clocks?

It's kind of obvious, but we are celebrating 10 years with Heath Ceramics this year, so we're celebrating "time." I had been thinking a lot about clocks, as I had the idea to do ceramic clocks as a product. It just seems to be the perfect object to punctuate this celebration. These clocks also give the artists an interesting foundation to create their own designs on. After this show, we'll continue with the clock that we're putting into production, so look out for that next spring.

2. How did you select the clock artists?

They are friends we admire and artists and designers we've collaborated with before. They represent our relationships in our San Francisco and Los Angeles communities and beyond -- like Natalie Chanin, with whom we have a dinnerware collaboration; and House Industries, who we partnered with to create Heath House Numbers a couple of years ago. We also are featuring work from our Studio Directors -- Adam Silverman in Los Angeles and Tung Chiang in San Francisco.

3. What was the impetus for this show?

I love finding projects to collaborate on with people who inspire us. We learn a lot from people that practice a different kind of craft in a different medium, and the results are experiments from approaching clay and glaze from another perspective.

4. Can you describe one or two of your favorite clocks?

I can't pick a favorite. Right now, I'm just excited about all of them. They're all different techniques and expressions that speak directly about the people that made them, and that's exciting enough.

5. What has the last ten years at Heath meant for you?

It's been a journey where we were always open to the next creative opportunity and where it might lead. And that's similar to what these shows and collaborations are like as well -- setting a direction but appreciating the process and the moment, and not getting stuck on a fixed idea of where you think you want to get to in the end.

Design in Time opens on December 7 and will run through the entire month at Heath’s San Francisco and Los Angeles showrooms. Receptions will be held at both locations on December 7 from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.