Inside the Studio with Designer Chad Wright

Although Wright’s studio is on the small side, it reflects his giant imagination and talent very well. “It is small, charming, cozy, has a view. It’s overflowing with design mockups, prototypes, finished furniture, and design pieces, and is decorated with various found urban and natural found objects that inspire me,” says Wright. He says it’s almost like living inside one of his Attic birdhouses - compact, yet it has everything he needs to thrive. 

Lately, Wright has designed a few pieces including the noticeably nature-inspired Twig and the lofty Attic birdhouses. After living in San Francisco and watching the fog roll through Golden Gate Bridge, allowing only certain elements to peek through, his creative juices were at an all-time high. “This tension between the manmade and the natural inspired the Twig chair,” he says. Out of this came the visually light, yet striking indoor/outdoor chair. He also addressed his inspiration for the Attic birdhouses. “Rather than bring the birds to the birdhouse, I wanted to bring the birdhouse to the birds," he says. I started with a foundation and elongated the archetypal house straight up to the sky." Lengthening the form is such a simple, yet dynamic idea that put the client – or bird, if you will – first.

This year Wright has begun to dabble in designing art installations. His first project, “Master Plan,” is a three-part series that explores post World War II American suburban architecture. Wright’s childhood home in Orange County was the basis for the beachside installation. For Phase One he designed a mold of a recognizable suburban home and recreated a mass tract house system on San Francisco's China Beach in an effort to analyze the role suburbia has played in the formation of the American Dream. Phase One was also shown during this year’s SF Design Week at an art gallery in the Central Market District; it’s still on display at Satellite66.

Besides showing work in San Francisco, Wright also exhibited his work at Salone Del Mobile/Milan Design Week back in April. The Twig and Attic collections were proudly on display right next to his brand-spanking new desk, Integral. This new piece marries a tried-and-true material, wood, with a modern and innovative, anodized aluminum.

Right now (and highly under wraps), Wright is working on a unique calendar piece and a room divider. In the near future, he plans to design more furniture and conceptual projects and work his way into the lighting design scene.

Wright is experiencing constant growth as a designer. His design aesthetic synthesizes ideas and objects, poetics with cultural relevance, and product with person. While his work addresses issues and ideas in contemporary America, he enjoys incorporating elements of his life growing up in Southern California as well.

Check out more of Studio Chad Wright here. "Master Plan" photos by Lynn Kloythanomsup of Architectural Black.