Secret Sources: Holly Kopman Of Holly Kopman Interior Design

One of Holly’s favorite projects, a gorgeous Mill Valley family home, started when the designer ran into an acquaintance at Whole Foods. A few design suggestions for the son’s room quickly turned into an entire home makeover and a lasting friendship. For this project, Holly utilized custom pieces and one-of-a-kind lighting to create a modern home that highlights the client’s extensive art collection. The result is an edgy, elegant home with a fresh take on textures and color. Below Holly shares some of the sources that inspired her stunning design.

Coup D’Etat, San Francisco

Located right across the street from the San Francisco Design Center, this dramatic furnishing shop features unusual, one-of-a-kind pieces. Coup D’Etat pushes the envelope in a way that is very different from other home decor retailers in San Francisco. I particularly adore their collection of animal skull sculptures by artist Ashley Tudor.


Gray Gallery, Los Angeles

I am always looking for great gallery pieces to include in my projects. Gray Gallery has beautiful jewelry, statement ceramic pieces, and unique home furnishings. They do a fantastic job of representing edgy artists that can’t be found elsewhere.


Caroline Lizarraga Decorative Artist, San Francisco

Caroline is an incredibly talented decorative artist who I’ve worked with on many interiors. She’s able to paint just about any pattern, print, or design you could imagine. For this Mill Valley project, Caroline created the snake skin print wall in the master bathroom, the Moroccan lounge and a fun waxed arrow print for the son’s room.


Past Perfect on Geary Street, San Francisco

Past Perfect has an excellent collection of vintage light fixtures and furnishings that is always rotating. I love their mix of Mid-century modern and traditional home decor items.


Jafe Custom Finishing, San Francisco

Jafe Custom Finishing can create the most stunning furniture finishes from pickled finishes to fabric wrapped furniture. Jeff and I have created several unique lacquer finishes over burlap and linen that add great texture to a simple piece of furniture.