Show Palace: The Pasadena Showcase House Of Design 2015

The house, designed by Fernand Parmentier in 1910, has been the belle of this ball before. It was a showcase house for this same tour in 1993.  As Cynthia Lambakis and Samantha Williams of Ederra Design Studio, who took on the renovation of the kitchen, butler's pantry and laundry room, noted, "Lighting, appliances, and even the materials that we use in kitchens are constantly evolving, which makes the kitchen a particularly exciting room in the home to renovate.  While technology will certainly change in the future, our aim was to create a design that would fit in well with the home and retain a timeless quality."

The Pasadena Showcase House of Design is open now through May 17th.  Tickets can be ordered online at or by calling (714) 442-3872 and include complimentary parking and shuttle service to the estate.   

Kitchen photo from Ederra Design Studiio, all other photos by Abigail Stone.