The Superb 8: Spacepop

Specializing in eclectic furniture, art and decor, Berkeley's Spacepop showroom is a lively wonderland for any kitsch collector. 

On Friday, October 3, Spacepop will celebrate their grand (re)opening from 6pm to 8pm, at their newly revamped space (1649 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley). You'll find a seamless mix of whimsical vintage furniture, modern pieces from emerging artists, and original Spacepop designs. 

Currently, their online shop is mostly artwork, but we're not complaining. Here are a few of our favorites. 

1. Now relatively old-school, the fax machine was an experimental tech medium for British pop art legend, David Hockney. This Framed David Hockney Facsimile is a New Year's fax that's light, fun and intimate, all at once. $8,000

2. Not only a rare print, this Keith Haring Fun Gallery NYC Exhibition 1983 Poster is hand-signed in the lower left corner. $3,600

3. We love the serene geometric form of Gio Schiano's Signed Plexiglass Sculpture. $900

4. With its bold, abstract, colorful movement, we could look at Paul Jenkins' Lithograph in Colors all day. $2,400

5. A still image could never capture the full effect of this original Yaacov Agam Agamograph. The shapes shift as you pass, creating a riveting optical illusion that you'll just have to (walk by and) see for yourself. $2,900

6. Sharp angles, shadows and colors make this Fred Stodder Sculpture both simple and dynamic. $355

7. Danish design plus Warhol? Yes, please. This rare Andy Warhol Exhibition Poster was printed in 1978 by Grafodan Offset in Denmark. $2,800

8. An op art original, Michael Challenger's Screenprint, titled Fortunately Peter Stood Still, uses geometric shapes and contrasting colors to create a visual illusion that's as cool today as it was in 1970.