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2013 CH+D Award: Carved and Cantilevered in the Hollywood Hills

This project was the 2013 CH+D Award winner for Residential Architecture (less than 3,000 square feet).

Leilani Marie Labong
  • Designed by Xten Architecture

    This unusual geometric structure situated on a ridgeline in the Hollywood Hills is a study in architectural exhibitionism. 

  • Designed by Xten Architecture

    With generous expanses of glass and large outdoor decks, such candid exposure is the dramatic antithesis of the home’s previous incarnation, which, according to architect Austin Kelly, coprincipal of Culver City–based XTEN Architecture, resembled a “1960s alpine ski house with no architectural logic.”

  • Designed by Xten Architecture

    In contrast to the home’s original design, large windows, terraces and glass doors open up the house and frame the significant views. 

  • Designed by Xten Architecture

    The most flagrant impracticality? A profound lack of windows, despite the landmark views to be had from the residence’s privileged perch; among them, the Hollywood sign to the north and the Griffith Observatory to the east. (1)

Xten Architecture

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