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2013 CH+D Award Winner: A Compact Bohemian Cottage

This project was the 2013 CH+D Award Winner for Residential Interior Design (Less than 3,000 Sq. Ft.).

Mary Jo Bowling
  • Designed by Alison Davin

    It must have been tempting for the owners of this 1,000-square-foot Mediterranean cottage in San Anselmo to add more space to their home. Not only do they have a young daughter, their neighborhood is filled with inspiring examples of what other people have done by putting on additions to similarly sized homes. But, according to Alison Davin, their designer, this couple chose to keep it cozy. “Adding on to the house was never a consideration,” she says. “They wanted to keep it small.”

  • Designed by Alison Davin

    That’s not to say they didn’t change everything else. “The house, built in the 1920s, hadn’t been touched since it was remodeled in the ’50s,” says Davin. “There was a lot of linoleum, and it still had the original appliances.”

  • Designed by Alison Davin

    The home received a clean, modern coat of fresh, white paint and was populated with an assortment of primitive antiques. 

  • Designed by Alison Davin

    Davin advised her clients to buy reclaimed beams, which she halved and installed on the ceiling. “It really added character and warmth,” she says. 

Alison Davin

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