The 2016 NKBA SoCal Design Competition Winners

NKBA designers act as the liaison between the client and the other trades, ensuring your project is implemented as planned. A realistic timeline will be set for your project so that you know what to expect. NKBA designers know the state and local codes and will design compliant projects that will pass inspections. They know what to ask their clients so that their clients can make the best choices. NKBA designers know how to allot their client’s investment to attain the desired results. They are privy to the most cutting edge and latest products. And they know how to plan your project so there is enough space for the tasks and storage that are needed in your kitchen and bathroom. You’ll love how much space you really have! And you will love how it feels and looks! An NKBA designer will create a kitchen or bath for your family that will give you years of enjoyment. 

Lindsey Shook

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