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21st Century Salon

A newlywed couple calls on San Francisco's hottest young designer to create an inspiring party pad.

Bryan Anthony
  • Photo credit: Philip Harvey
    Engineered Entertainment
    Designed by Lauren Geremia
    Designer Lauren Geremia gained a reputation in SF for designing buzz-worthy hotspots (her projects include Umami, Taverna, Aventine, Citizen’s Band and Churchill). So when newlyweds Aditya Agarwal and Ruchi Sanghvi were looking to create the perfect space for entertaining in their Noe Valley home, they knew who to turn to.
    Photo credit: Philip Harvey
    Artistic Integration
    The white walls in the living area were chosen to create a gallery-like space. “This is a young couple who likes art,” says Geremia. “They should have a space where they can feel free to switch up their art and not feel married to any piece”—though the wavy lines at the bottom of painting Precision Strike by Conrad Ruiz mimic the lines on the faux birch-wood console so well, it’s likely to become part of the home’s permanent collection.
    Photo credit: Philip Harvey
    Daring Details

    Table: “Wrong Woods,” Richard Woods and Sebastian Wong, London, England; Speakers: Apple, SF; Dice: Anthem, SF; Icebucket, vintage.

Lauren Geremia

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