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An Airstream-Turned-Office Lets Climb Real Estate Get Around

Inspired by the food-truck movement, San Francisco's Climb Real Estate Group decided to take their office to the streets. The team retrofitted a classic 1964 Airstream trailer with solar panels, Wi-Fi and stylish new interiors and hit the road. It makes pit stops outside of new properties, far outshining the typical sidewalk real estate sign. A Twitter feed, @ClimbAirstream, lets users know where the trailer will be stopping next.

Erin Feher
  • Photo credit: Christopher Stark
    Corner Office

    This sleek office is the perfect place to close on your dream home or search listings with an agent.

  • Photo credit: Christopher Stark
    A Good First Impression

    The vintage trailer was polished to a high sheen and embossed with the Climb Real Estate logo. Bonus: the view can change by the day.

  • Photo credit: Christopher Stark
    Kick Back

    The lounge is made up of custom bench seating, vintage pendant lights and plenty of colorful thrown pillows. A 21st-century update? The flat-screen TV.

  • Photo credit: Christopher Stark
    Mobile Device

    The trailer can be hitched to any car and transported to any site, such as outside a block of new condos with units on offer.

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