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A Bohemian Treasure in the Trees

Pretty Little Liars actor Ian Harding and fashion designer Sophie Hart live, work, and entertain a steady stream of guests in this special 1948 Laurel Canyon tree top jewel. Seeing beyond the home's prior design identity crisis, Ian acquired the property for the location, privacy and natural views. Interior designer Shannon Ggem was recruited to correct the structure's identity and make it a place they could call home. 

CHD Editors
  • Photo credit: Mike P. Kelley
    Charmed Living
    Designed by Shannon Ggem

    Because of Ian's interests, the concept quickly became a "1940's cabinet of natural curiosities," says Ggem. "It was clear from the outset that this wouldn't be an off-the-rack kind of project." Special vintage pieces were sourced from all corners to suit the clients nuanced taste level.

Shannon Ggem

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