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Family Style

A Brentwood woman surrenders the single life after building a home she hoped to fill and placing a wish in the wall.

Kathryn Harris
  • Photo credit: Karyn R. Millet
    Outdoor Living
    Designed by Gillian Lefkowitz

    Although homeowner Margaret Carver had resigned herself to life as a single woman, she refused to give up on having a family of her own. With plans to eventually adopt, she purchased a 1950s ranch house on an oak-filled lot in kid-friendly Brentwood and started remodeling it with an eye to that goal. Then, she met actor and Kansas City native Tom Carver. After a whirlwind courtship, he moved in, just in time to contribute to the design and initiate the family they both longed for.

    Photo credit: Karyn R. Millet
    Indoor Colors
    Designed by Gillian Lefkowitz

    Outdoor umbrella: Berks’, Santa Monica; Chaise: “Etra” in lime, Modern Outdoor Furniture, Culver City.

    Photo credit: Karyn R. Millet
    Rest and Relaxation
    Designed by Gillian Lefkowitz

    Outdoor couches: custom, Jay Griffith, Jay Griffith Landscapes, Venice; Red pillows: Crate & Barrel; Yellow print pillows: homeowners’ own.

Gillian Lefkowitz

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