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A Lofty Design for a Bachelor Pad

The design of this loft–like condo began as a small advisory project but quickly grew into a full-scale remodel that included renovating the kitchen and baths, moving walls, lowering ceilings and outfitting the space with all new furnishings. When the client, a software engineer with more than one start-up on his resume, contacted interior designer Jennifer Gustafson about helping him with placement of furniture he already owned in his new-to-him loft, she hesitated. “Normally, I don’t take on such small projects,” she says. “But the client is a really charming guy, and I liked working with him.” As the project progressed, it was a decision she didn’t regret.

Mary Jo Bowling
  • Photo credit: David Duncan Livingston
    Dining in the Round
    Designed by Jennifer Gustafson

    The dining room, located beside the kitchen (which is delineated by a lowered ceiling), was a small space with a tall ceiling. "It was uncomfortable to be there," says the designer. She brought things into scale by lowering the ceiling in this space as well. A commissioned artwork by SF painter Scott Idleman partially encircles the space and picks up the colors in the custom, watery-patterned rug from Delinear.


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