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Midcentury doctor's medical office converted to home Los Angeles

The squat, single-story medical building in Los Angeles’ historic Filipinotown wasn’t the type of structure most people dream about converting into a residence. There weren’t the soaring vaulted ceilings that you might find in a church or the thousands of square feet of open space that a warehouse would offer. Instead, there was a room-size X-ray machine, walls lined with lead and enough tiny sinks to outfit an airport restroom. But to Daniel Nadeau and D. J. Peterson, it looked like home. “We had both lived in traditional shingle-style houses,” says Peterson, an international strategy consultant with roots in LA. “At the end of the day, we really wanted to opt out of the regional bungalow aesthetic.”

Erin Feher
  • Photo credit: John Ellis
    Step into my Office
    Designed by Thomas Michna

    FROM LEFT: The bedroom and office doors are topped with transom windows, a nod to the midcentury medical offices that were here before; in the kitchen, vintage doctors’ chairs roll up to a custom stainless steel table, and the cabinet color was inspired by green scrubs.

Thomas Michna

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