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Palm Springs Eternal: A Desert Gem Gets Its Sparkle Back

Interior designer Sean Gaston and contractor Jim Jewell felt lucky to have placed the winning bid on a run-down house they had long admired in Indian Canyons, their Palm Springs neighborhood. But they had no idea how fortunate they were until they made a surprising discovery in a pantry. “We found a set of original plans in a roll of dusty wallpaper tucked away on an upper shelf,” says Gaston. “We were shocked to see that the house had been built by Stan Sackley in 1967.” Using this serendipitous find as their guide, Gaston and Jewell went to work ushering this sweeping estate into the 21st century.

Philip Ferrato
  • Photo credit: John Ellis
    Looks of Steel
    Designed by Sean Gaston and Jim Jewell

    If you haven’t yet heard of Sackley, you will—he is well on his way to becoming the next cult-favorite builder in Palm Springs (local legends paint Sackley as someone who was known for his taste in women and vintage cars, and for the ground-hugging minimalist structures à la Rudolph M. Schindler that he built around the Indian Canyons Golf Resort). With the original blueprints in tow, Gaston and Jewell went about reopening doors that had been closed off, refinishing the original kitchen cabinets, and installing new appliances. In the eat-in kitchen, a Saarinen-inspired table sits under a vintage steel-and-brass light fixture. The chairs are circa 1969 - classics from the Danish manufacturer Fabricius & Kastholm.

Sean Gaston and Jim Jewell

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