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Pinterest's Perfectly Crafty SF Headquarters

The Pinterest headquarters in San Francisco is exactly how you’d picture it: cute and creative, with a unique DIY aesthetic. Pinterest employees frequently assemble after work for “Make-a-thons” to teach each other crafty techniques and decorate their new office, pulling inspiration from – you guessed it - their favorite pins. We met with Pinterest’s brand manager, Everett Katigbak, who worked closely with the architects and is tasked with ensuring that the innovative company's one-of-a-kind culture is visible throughout the space.

Julia Benton
  • Photo credit: Julia Benton
    Open Air

    A few months ago, Pinterest moved into their new office space, a previously empty warehouse in SoMa, a block away from Airbnb and down the street from Zynga. Everett says that they left the space pretty open and didn't do much building. They kept the skylight, elevator, and stair railings, and stripped away excess, confining materials.


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