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Poker Champs' Full House Hits the Jackpot

When World Poker Tour anchor Kimberly Lansing and her poker playing-businessman husband wanted to add glamour to their new, conservatively appointed home in Marin County, they had an ace in the hole: interior designers Jeff and Tray Schlarb of Green Couch. “As it was, the house was a bit stodgy,” says Jeff. “We wanted to give it a more youthful, intercontinental design.” The resulting family home is so successful, the couple feels like they have hit the jackpot.

Mary Jo Bowling
  • Photo credit: David Duncan Livingston
    Made Hand

    The couple encountered Jeff's (seen here) work while looking at homes for sale. "Our real estate agent showed us a home in San Francisco that had been remodeled and designed by Green Couch," says Lansing. "The house wasn't for us, but we loved the style. I got the designer's number in case I ever needed help." A few months later, she did.

Jeff and Tray Schlarb of Green Couch

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