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Shock Treatment

Stars of fashion and film, David Meister and Alan Siegel demand art and accessories that don't fade into the background.

Erin Feher
  • Photo credit: John Ellis
    Party of Two
    Designed by Timothy Guetzlaff

    Clean, modern, sexy and glamorous—those are the four words fashion designer David Meister lives by. And although his dresses may dazzle on the red carpet in royal blues, electric pinks and shimmering golds, the Palm Springs home he shares with his partner, movie producer Alan Siegel, trades color for chrome, white tile, black leather and what David calls “a little 1980s coke-whore fabulousness.”

    “Our Los Angeles house is more elegant—there’s lots of taupe,” says Meister. He adds with his signature snark, “Here in Palm Springs, I was thinking more Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface.” The art collection the couple curated here has the same in-your-face aesthetic as the interiors and yet, despite the inclusion of some four-letter words, still manages to meet Meister’s aforementioned four-word credo. That’s thanks in part to interior designer Timothy Guetzlaff, who has been working with the duo for so long that he knows how to translate such off-the-wall inspirations into real-life rooms. “We understand each other’s tastes. When it comes to ideas they’ve come to me with, I’ve been surprised, but never shocked.”

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