A Stylish Urban Oasis On Liberty Street

A discerning eye would note the difference between the houses on each side of 20th Street in San Francisco’s Mission District: To the south, rows of ornate Victorians hold court, while to the north, stately Edwardians dominate the view. This slight architectural shift reflects one of the city’s defining events—the 1906 earthquake. After the violent tremors, fires burned for three days and incinerated nearly 70 percent of the city. But firefighters and scrappy citizens rallied on this block. One block south of the firebreak, on Liberty Street, rows of pristine Victorian homes survived the disasters. It was here that homeowners Brian Garrett and Stephen Fronk staged a rescue of their own more than a century later with the help of designer Sara Story, honoring the period details of their second-floor unit while updating its obsolete interiors.

Sarah Virginia White
Sara Story, Todd Davis

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