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Three-Tiered Redwood Tree-Inspired Masterpiece Lights Up Mill Valley

Mt. Tamalpais and the surrounding groves of redwood trees were the inspiration behind this unique multi-tiered Mill Valley masterpiece, designed for an empty-nester couple. Given that the house would have to sit on a hillside, sandwiched between the redwoods, designer Cass Calder Smith and architect Sean Kennedy incorporated the hill into the framework of the house. The hillside became part of the framework of the lower floor, allowing the upper two to enjoy the stream of sunshine.

Elysa Hill
  • Photo credit: Paul Dyer
    Three's a Charm
    Designed by Cass Calder Smith

    The breathtaking views of Mt. Tamalpais and groves of tall redwood trees provide a striking background to this three-level beauty.

Cass Calder Smith, Sean Kennedy

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