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Tour the CH+D Small Space Big Style Showhouse

At CH+D we know that the greatest luxury isn’t always square footage, it’s inspired design. For our premier showhouse, eight of LA’s top designers transformed a 1,400-square-foot, white-walled penthouse in Hollywood into an explosion of color, style and space-saving ideas. Want to see if for yourself? The Small Space Big Design Showhouse is open to visitors until November 18th.

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  • Christopher Kennedy's Groovy Living and Dining Rooms
    Designed by Christopher Kennedy

    “I’m a child of the 1970s, and that time period was my inspiration, particularly the big super-graphics that were popular at the time,” says designer Christopher Kennedy, who deftly blended pieces from midcentury to the disco era and beyond for the space that takes center stage in the penthouse loft. Kennedy called upon scenic artists from Warner Bros. Studio Services to paint the striped mural that covers the 20-foot walls. Known for his use of bold color, Kennedy repeated eye-popping hues—brown, orange, pink and green—in the furniture, creating a clever cohesiveness.

    Lamps Plus Havana Swing-Arm Wall Light
    Designed by By Jonathan Adler for Robert Abbey

    Kennedy chose Havana swing-arm wall lights and a Possini chandelier (not pictured) from Lamps Plus.

    David Chair
    Designed by Christopher Kennedy

    A Vladimir Kagan–style sofa covered in Schumacher’s Babe’s Tweed in Granny Smith green is paired with Kennedy’s David chair and ottoman in a bright melon hue to create a seating area in front of the fireplace, while his Robert chair with a Lucite frame sports a bright-green Kyle Bunting hide and is set next to the Dustin credenza. 

  • Resource Library and Lounge
    Designed by Danielle Cornwell

    “I’m a firm believer in the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi; the notion that something doesn’t have to be excessively or perfectly decorated in order to make an impact,” says Danielle Cornwell of Kanner Architects, who, with architectural design consultant Birgit Hansen, created a quiet contemporary space in the neighboring penthouse unit.  Dubbed the Small Space Big Style Resource Library and Lounge, it is a place for crowds to gather as well as browse offerings from sponsors. Lounge, it is a place for crowds to gather as well as browse offerings from sponsors. Instead of conventional seating, a lounge was created with vivid red and orange pods loosely arranged in front of a custom Corian-and-wood bar—all fabricated by Warner Bros. Studio Services. In the mezzanine, a FLOR tile patchwork carpet is paired with a playful glowing ball lamp from Smart & Green, while a courtyard featuring SpecCeramics tiles, a Modfire outdoor fireplace and seating areas offer an outdoor place to pass the time.

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  • Quirky Bathrooms
    Designed by Asadeh Shladovsky and Brian Patrick Flynn

    Brian Patrick Flynn utilized a shower partition made from an industrial casement window to add a masculine touch in his bathroom (left), while bathroom accessories—such as a walnut buck’s head that doubles as a place to hang towels—provide utilitarian touches of whimsy.

    Azadeh Shladovsky also utlized some deep colors along with her Hollywood theme. A series of Dennis Hopper photos taken in LA in the late sixties are arranged in a grid, while an image of a camera lens stands in for the expected mirror above the Alape sink—a tongue-in-cheek reference to the Hollywoodism: It doesn’t matter what you look like, as long as someone is looking at you. 


  • WOW Powder Room
    Designed by Christian May

    “I dreamed of turning the world’s smallest bathroom into a unique and unforgettable space,” says Christian May. He designed a custom, black-and-white striped wallpaper—dubbed Memphis after the 1980s Italian design movement—with Black Crow Studios. Glossy black porcelain floor tiles from SpecCeramics extend up one wall of the shower, flanked by two walls of white ceramic subway tiles from WalkOn Tile. The variety of sizes, shapes and textures all executed in bold black and white give the room an Alice in Wonderland feel while also creating the illusion of a larger space. “The sliver of a cabinet under the petite sink now hides the unattractive exposed plumbing—and as a bonus, there is now somewhere to hide an extra roll of toilet paper!” says the designer. 

    Rubinet Matte Black Faucet from Snyder Diamond
    Designed by Rubinet

    Custom matte black Rubinet fixtures and a Toto toilet—both from Snyder Diamond—offer the essentials while accessories such as two custom mirrors, a glass knot from Accessory Preview and a shelf and cabinet by Warner Bros. Studio Services provide elegant touches.

Christopher Kennedy, Molly Luetkemeyer, Danielle Cornwell, Brian Patrick Flynn, Azadeh Shladovsky, Erinn Valencich, Christian May, Potted

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