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Tour Zynga's Virtual Reality-Themed Office

Just like the games they design, Zynga proves they are all about quirky, raucous play in their recently decked-out SOMA headquarters.

Julia Benton
  • Photo credit: Dean Kaufman
    Office Playhouse
    Designed by Zynga Design Team

    When Zynga's CEO Mark Pincus used Willy Wonka's chocolate factory as his muse for designing the company headquarters, employees knew they would be in for a unique work experience. Zynga's playful SOMA headquarters feels a little like a life-size version of one of the company's colorful social games. The gaming masterminds at Zynga are behind some of the world's favorite social and mobile games such as FarmVille, CityVille and Mafia Wars. With the company's employee numbers skyrocketing, the seven-story SOMA workspace, nicknamed "The Dog House," provides the perfect intense workspace, constantly flowing with energy. Despite the over-the-top perks, the team is definitely working hard - Zynga churned out six new games in the first quarter of 2012.

  • Photo credit: Dean Kaufman
    The Dog House
    Designed by Zynga Design Team

    Employee benefits have grown over time and workers are now treated to some pretty amazing office perks. In addition to their swanky workplace, Zynga offers a full-service gym, arcade games scattered throughout the building, and delicious high-end food. Zynga runs a Blue Bottle Cafe, a local coffee favorite, in its main lobby. Go a floor up to the pub where Zynga hosts its weekly happy hours. And visit the health spa for free massages and acupuncture. The perks aren't limited to employees; the company was named after CEO Mark Pincus' dog, Zinga and dogs are literally everywhere at the office. Employees are encouraged to bring their furry friends to work and pets are treated to an on-site grooming service and a rooftop dog park.

  • Found Art
    Designed by Zynga Design Team

    The design team was overseen by Zynga's Minister of Cool, Eric McDougall, who works on the company's brand, culture and marketing design. McDougall strived to transform the former retail space into an active and lively game-designing environment that would appeal to all employees. The employees themselves are encouraged to literally make the work space their own, by writing or drawing on walls whenever they feel the need too.

  • Photo credit: Julia Benton
    Sociable Spaces
    Designed by Zynga Design Team

    The office design is bright and open, encouraging employees to socialize and create a tight-knit office community. Quiet cubicles are out and communal workspaces are in. If you need to concentrate, there are always noise-canceling headphones!

Zynga's Design Team

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