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A Warehouse Worth: Remarkable Retro Furniture from Mid Century Mobler

Just how far a passion for discovering covetable design can take you depends on how far you’re willing to go to get it. At least, that’s what Julian Goldklang had in mind when, last year, he took the leap from his modest garage operation, using all his savings to fly to Europe to collect pieces to bring back to the Bay Area. Luckily, his fascination with mid-century furniture has proven to be a success: now housed in a 5000-square-foot warehouse in the Mission, Mid Century Mobler is the largest mid-century furniture dealer in Northern California—and most importantly, business is booming. Specializing in Danish modern and American mid-century furniture from the 1950’s and 60’s, the sparsely laid-out store inspired by Danish minimalism is home to an eclectic mix of exciting and off-the-wall finds.

Kelly Anne Bonner
  • To founder and owner Julian Goldklang, Mid Century Mobler has been a long-awaited dream. His curating M.O.? “I've been interested in 1950's and 60's design since I was a kid. The structure, materials, and ideas themselves are so unlike any other era.”

  • Goldklang’s passion for his business is what brings him so many one-of-a-kind treasures, "I travel around Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and England every two - three months and ship back between 400 - 500 pieces per trip. I also search locally around the SF Bay Area, and parts of Northern California. There's still a lot of great design out there. I love uncovering it and bringing it to an audience who can give it a newfound appreciation."

  • And the store’s popularity attests that Goldklang’s trip was not for naught: “Though we've only been open a few weeks now, the response has been tremendous. I think the Bay Area has been waiting for a space that caters towards their modern design style and budget.” 

  • We think Julian's passion is apparent in the incredible selection and quality in the showroom, "It's always been a dream of mine to own a shop and make a living doing something that I love.  Through passion and a lot of hard work I was able to manifest that into reality."

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