A Warm Front

A couple raised on peace and quiet builds a home fit for a crowd.

Kira Coplin
  • Photo credit: John Ellis
    Feel the Heat
    Designed by Jennifer Dyer and Jeff Soler

    Growing up in Southern California in the late 1970s, Kelley Sheppard had a loving, but quiet, family home. “My dad just wasn’t into entertaining,” she says. Meanwhile, in rural Utah, Halston Brack was having a similar experience, where spending time with friends meant leaving the house. “Neither of our families had people over much,” Kelley says. “And our homes weren’t comfortable places for our friends to hang out, so we would go to other people’s houses.” The couple met in college and when they later married, they vowed to do it differently. “We wanted to create an old-fashioned home where people could stop by without calling ahead,” Kelley explains. “A place where our kids’ friends, as well as our own, would feel welcome.”

Jeneration Interiors, Soler Architecture

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