Welcome to Oz: A Hilltop Oasis in the Middle of LA

For Renny and Erica Maslow, moving from Brooklyn to Beachwood Canyon in Los Angeles was akin to Dorothy Gale being blown out of Kansas and dropped into the Land of Oz. In Brooklyn, the couple lived in a 1,200-square-foot urban apartment with an elevator and no greenery in sight. But after Renny’s work as a director brought them across the country, they purchased a 4,000-square-foot Mediterranean-style home surrounded by lush gardens, patios and a pool. Only relocating from the flat, dry fields of the Great Plains to the poppy-studded hills surrounding the glowing Emerald City could have been more shocking. The couple teamed up with interior designer Tamara Kaye-Honey of House of Honey to create their fairy tale of a home.

Mary Jo Bowling
Tamara-Kaye Honey, House of Honey, Styled by Sunday Hendrikson

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