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Zillow's Wide-Open and Chic SF Pad

When Zillow moved into the old-school Standard Oil Building in the heart of San Francisco's Financial District, their first step was to open up the entire space and give it a much more modern feel. Parallel to the online real estate company's "get things done fast" style, the move itself was lighting-quick, giving design team Blitz only six weeks to completely transform the space. The end result? A fresh and brand-forward space. 

Julia Benton
  • Photo credit: Julia Benton
    Home Sweet Home
    Designed by Blitz

    San Francisco-based Zillow, an online home and real estate marketplace founded by the creators of Expedia, started with the mission to empower consumers with information and tools to make smarter decisions when purchasing homes. The Zillow team invited us to access their newly-renovated, ultra-cool offices in San Francisco, where the tech world is seamlessly integrated with design. 


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