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12 Nailhead Trimmed Accessories That'll Never Be Tacky

A lot of interior designers are getting tacky—as in, using furniture tacks in upholstery. Anyone who follows interior design has seen the increasing use of furniture tacks outlining the edges of chairs, headboards and ottomans. The finished look is called nailhead trim, and it's become so popular you can find upholstery tacks in every finish under the design rainbow. Want to give your furniture more definition? Just put a nail in it.

Mary Jo Bowling
  • Photo credit: Makers Mark
    Maker's Mark

    I recently discovered the work of Domicile Interior Design, and I was struck by the spirit of it. Their witty style is seen here in this chair decorated with nailhead initials.

  • Photo credit: Courtesy of Domicile Interior Design
    Nail Bed

    The design duo at Domicile uses a simple line of nailheads to emphasize the dramatic lines of a headboard.

  • Photo credit: Courtesy Jeffers Design Group

    Interior designer Jay Jeffers shows how nailheads can be manipulated for different effects. In this showcase house room, his design allows for space between the nailheads, creating a dotted look.

  • Photo credit: Courtesy Jeffers Design Group
    Going Big

    In the same room, Jeffers used oversize nailheads on a pair of dramatic ottomans for a big impact look.

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