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25 Buildings to Demolish Right Now

When proportion, balance, form and function come together in a delicate harmony, architecture is nothing short of an art form. But when, on occasion, those principles clash, the results can be eye-searingly awful. We asked 15 architects and our own staff to weigh-in on what buildings, given the chance, they'd take a wrecking ball to.

Editors of California Home and Design
  • Photo credit: Cliff1066, Flickr
    Boston City Hall in Boston, MA

    The centerpiece of Boston's Government Center, this Kallmann, McKnnell & Knowles-designed building has long been a source of controversy. Throughout the years there have been numerous proposals to both preserve or demolish the building, but plans on both sides have been throttled. Lewis Butler of San Francisco's Butler Armsden Architects says the issue with Boston City Hall is more than skin deep. "Many people would love to see the Boston City Hall altogether removed, but I think the problem is more what was taken away from that part of Boston to construct the building, rather than the structure itself," he says. "I would like to restore the original neighborhoods in the area around the City Hall and give the new building a relationship with its old neighbors."

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