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25 Buildings to Demolish Right Now

When proportion, balance, form and function come together in a delicate harmony, architecture is nothing short of an art form. But when, on occasion, those principles clash, the results can be eye-searingly awful. We asked 15 architects and our own staff to weigh-in on what buildings, given the chance, they'd take a wrecking ball to.

Editors of California Home and Design
  • Photo credit: Mills Baker, Flickr
    Portland Building in Portland, Oregon

    Opening its door in 1982 to less than glowing reviews, the Portland Building designed by Michael Graves graced more than one of our architect’s demolition lists. Architect John Lum describes the building as such: “High kitsch, with meaningless gestures rendered in a cartoon-like manner. I agree with Pietro Belluschi who said, ‘It will put Portland on the map, architecturally, and it will never be repeated.’ And that’s a good thing.”

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