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25 Buildings to Demolish Right Now

When proportion, balance, form and function come together in a delicate harmony, architecture is nothing short of an art form. But when, on occasion, those principles clash, the results can be eye-searingly awful. We asked 15 architects and our own staff to weigh-in on what buildings, given the chance, they'd take a wrecking ball to.

Editors of California Home and Design
  • Photo credit: EMPISFM Archive
    EMP Museum in Seattle, Washington

    Formerly known as The Experience Music Project, a museum celebrating popular music and science fiction, this building was designed by none other than the famed Frank Gehry. Don't get us wrong—we adore Hanover's Gehry Tower, swoon over his Dancing House and hail LA's Walt Disney Concert Hall. But as one of our editors put it, "Even the best make questionable choices." Okay, so maybe it shouldn't be demolished and, sure, as others have noted, the whole thing is fairly fitting for hosting the largest collection of Jimi Hendrix memorabilia, but, admit it, from this angle, it's pretty hideous.

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