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40 Inspiring Kitchen Designs

California Home And Design
  • Photo credit: Tim Street Porter
    Open and Inviting
    Designed by Jeff Andrews

    Designer Jeff Andrews brought to life an open and inviting kitchen space. Gorgeous marble is used on both the backsplash and countertops while glass cabinets showcase a variety of dinnerware. 

  • Photo credit: Jeremy Samuelson
    On Display
    Designed by Wendy Schwartz

    Dark meets light in this enthralling kitchen. Black cabinetry is brightened up with a gray tile backsplash and gold-toned hardware. Mirrors are carefully placed behind the shelves which help to soften the space up a bit. 

  • Photo credit: Joe Fletcher
    Plaid Works
    Designed by Jay Jeffers

    A daring plaid makes for an innovative backsplash in this one-of-a-kind kitchen. Scarlet cabinets correlate with the red knobs on the Wolf range

  • Photo credit:
    Day and Night
    Designed by J. Weiss Design

    Jennifer Weiss was able to dramatically open up this kitchen by removing doors and reducing walls. She also visually heightened the room by installing new cabinets, a zinc hood enclosure that extends all the way up to the ceiling and a sculptural light by Aqua Creations.

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