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9 Lustrous Rooms Filled with Metal Furniture

Let’s face it—metal can be cold and austere. But when paired with a color palette that softens its edge, metal furniture becomes the gleaming focal point on tables, counters and chairs. Check out these pieces that add an extra touch of shine in the least expected places.

Macy Williams
  • Silver Lining

    All eyes are on the sleek coffee table centered in the family room of this Los Angeles home on Design*Sponge

  • Good as Gold

    Don’t be afraid to go for the gold by matching your table and chairs for a dramatic effect achieved here by Los Angeles design star Kelly Wearstler

  • Office Whimsy

    Chrome armchairs sit in Zynga’s SoMa offices, featured on our office tour of the playful headquarters. 

  • Modern Metal

    An all-bronze kitchen matches its brick backdrop to complementary shades in this space featured on Koolandkreativ

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