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9 Stylish Stacks + Perfect Piles

Stacking decor pieces together to create a lush, layered look isn't new, but we're loving the huge piles of items we've been seeing lately. We like how these groupings create something structural, visually interesting, and all together new with pieces you might have laying around anyway. So stop stuffing into drawers and get to stacking!

Rachel Amy Shahvar
  • A mix of eclectic pillows, textiles and art on I Suwannee give off the perfect girly-bohemian vibe. 

  • We found one of our favorite examples of book stacking on Lonny - books piled high start to look more like sculpture than everyday items. 

  • Mismatching tin bowls and porcelain plates grouped together on Lonny have an antique-store charm. 

  • Separating like items on their own shelf helps this cabinet on Dust Jacket avoid looking cluttered or messy. We think we found a new way to display CH+D mags! 

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