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Before & After: Teevan's Bathroom Refresh

This 100 year-old bathroom is an amazing, large space, but nothing had been refreshed. Hints of what it used to be remained, such as the original claw foot tub, battered wainscoting, tired subway tile, and remnants of a classic railroad flat design. With the addition of a baby, the lusterless bathroom became the focal point of the family's morning and evening. It's important to them that the bathroom is inviting, clean, and lovely to be in and it's high time for the space to be restored to its former glory. With care, craftsmanship, great attention to detail and an exciting blend of old and new, Teevan’s designers and builders have transformed the once dark and dated space into a bright, spacious, refreshing bathroom. (Click link on the last slide to watch a video of the amazing refresh!)

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  • Before Teevan

    Before Teevan came to the rescue, the bathroom was very dark, dated and disjointed. There were a few charming elements of the original Victorian but they were mixed with added design mistakes like brown brick linoleum flooring, exposed plumbing, old paint on top of old paint, and unattractive, broken fixtures.

  • A Must Keep

    The original claw foot tub was on the homeowners “MUST KEEP” list but was in need of restoration. Teevan refinished the inside of the tub and painted the outside a beautiful blue that would repeat elsewhere in the space. The feet were painted silver for an added special touch. 

  • Matching Marble

    The old original subway tile surrounding the tub stopped at an odd height in the middle of the wall. The tub needed a proper surround and marble was preferred, but not in the budget. Teevan selected large porcelain tile from Porcelanosa that mimics marble. Using creative tile placement Teevan matched the veining during installation to create the feel of a solid marble slab. The result is a clean, expansive surface that makes the room look much larger – for 1/3 the cost. 

  • Walls Inside & Out

    The walls were in terrible shape – water damaged and coated with latex painted over oil. First the walls were opened up to repair the water damage and hide the unattractive, exposed plumbing. Next – the peeling paint had to go! Teevan sanded the walls removing layers and layers of old paint and did extensive lead protection in the process to keep the family safe. 

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