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Bright Modern Spaces

California Home And Design
  • Photo credit: Matthew Millman
    Space-Age Chic
    Designed by Gary Hutton

    Designer Gary Hutton whitewashed this entire Venice loft, painting the stairs and kitchen and furnishing the rest with a mix of pieces of his own design and classics. Pendant: “Saturnia,” Luzifer, Global Lighting, Mount Vernon, NY; Red artwork: Charles Arnoldi, Stremmel Gallery, Reno, NV; Black and blue artwork: Gregory Crewdson, Stremmel Gallery; Sculpture: Deborah Butterfield, Stremmel Gallery.

    Photo credit: Matthew Millman
    Extra Padding
    Designed by Gary Hutton

    Chairs: Gary Hutton, Therien & Co., Studio Workshops, LA; Side Table: “Nimbus Taboret,” Therien & Co., Studio Workshops; Coffee table: “A-VI,” Gary Hutton Design, SF.

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