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Gorgeous Home Libraries

Erin Renzas
  • Photo credit: John Ellis
    Favorite Things
    Designed by Brent Watson

    Create a personal library in an unexpected space. Here, the living room, dining area and library blend into one cohesive space. The open layout was designed around the home owner's cherished collection of signed first-edition books. Housed dramatically in a wall of lacquered shelving, they serve as a focal point for the owner's frequent dinner parties and get-togethers.

  • Photo credit: John Ellis
    Make it Work
    Designed by Eloisa Haudenschild

    Most floor plans lack a true space for a library. Here, the home owner makes the most of an awkward space at the base of a staircase. A comfortable chair, small writing table and arch of well-curated books make for a small, but effective home library.

  • Photo credit: Ed Ritger
    Stacked High
    Designed by Sabrina Buell

    Books need not be stuck in a boring old shelf. These books become almost sculptural thanks to their unique display

  • Photo credit: Benny Chan
    Corner Culture
    Designed by Griffin Enright Architects

    Margaret Griffin and John Enright of the LA-based Griffin Enright Architects designed this modern riff on the traditional wood-paneled library. With its ebony-stained wood ceiling and built-in shelving, the elegant space is visually separated while still open to the rest of the first floor.

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